WellFit Vibes

Being WellFit is a way of life!

Health is your current state of being.

Wellness is the body, mind, spirit process, your toolbox for well-being.

Fitness is the journey​ of living 🖤

To be WellFit means you are consciously & actively working on your self awareness, your place in the community & sharing your gift.

On your road to self mastery we teach you to use the FitFour, a guide for checking in on your perspective. Somedays times get tough but they are also amazing.

Attitude – wake up! You are the creator of your life – you know what you want, are willing to do what it takes and map out a plan to get there! Make time for what matters most!

Awareness – you take responsibility – you know that to own and engage your power, you have to own your sh*t. Simple as that, not always easy. You are continually working her personal development, clearing limiting beliefs, learning with an open mind and growing in harmony with your soul’s pace. Fears, wounds and sabotaging patterns are faced and no longer holding you back.

Action – you speak your truth, set boundaries and embrace the work. Through self-love, self-determination and ongoing self-mastery, you create your ability to make choices that are truly free.

Alignment – you’ve learned to honor yourself – you know that by loving, accepting and taking care of yourself this allows you to do the same for others. Developing deep sincere connections that reflect joy, freedom and empowerment. You listen to your internal wisdom and values your passion knowing that you are worthy of living an inspired life!

You’ll find yourself on many levels along this path and move through the years gaining wisdom through experience! Every human being has the ability to take charge of their life with grace, strength, and confidence—including you.


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